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We help you turn your ideas into reality

Are you searching for the idea to turn your business around? Do you have lots of ideas, but find it difficult to find the right execution? Are your teams based in many locations and have different ways of doing things?

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us – we will work with you to find solutions.

“We have already proved with numerous projects we have assisted, that integrating consumer insights into the product development process considerably speeds up the time to market. It’s all about turning ideas into reality.”

We make sense of non-sense, complex issues, and make things happen, because we have developed a process how to get things done.

We are bringing a multi-functional approach based on a solid long-term experience in nonwoven development for numerous applications, technical textiles and fibers, hygiene and health care products, fast moving consumer goods, materials development and health tech.

To succeed we are working together with clients on a day-to-day basis to identify, analyze and solve issues and find constructive solutions to move forward.

We also help connect the right partners for successful and fruitful cooperation.

We will help you bring life to your data and information about users, markets and products. Our reports have a wealth of information in a comprehensive and easy-to-read format. Webinars, workshops or meetings give meaning to the information.

Based on our broad experience in many markets and industries we have developed methodologies for interactive webinars and workshops for ideation and market assessments.  These workshops bring teams together from the various functions in the organization and in a non-formal manner share experience, information and ideas.

Recently we have established virtual workshops to share and discuss development trends in hygiene products, nonwovens and related materials. 

This is what our customers say

During the years we have been working with many different companies. This is what some of our customers have said:

“It was so interesting to learn about experience and needs from final users of those products”

“Consumer perspective is top”

“Renowned personal care consultant Helena Engqvist assisted the product manager to design and prepare an efficient brainstorming session. The joint session was preceded by homework on market dynamics as well as product testing. Consumer voice counted once again!”

“Helena really felt part of the team which meant we had the benefits of external experience and challenge and an outcome which had buy-in from everyone involved”

“Helena gave focus and momentum to the project so that we achieved in a few weeks what would have taken six months or more (or never) on our own”

“I think your report is an excellent compilation of valuable data on the topic of adult incontinence, ranging from demographics to product trends, and including interesting items on regulation and healthcare systems.”

“It was also extremely valuable to have you share face to face the information, bring additional insight and go through a hands-on session with actual products. We now have a better grasp of this market segment.”

“Helena gave focus and momentum to the project so that we achieved in a few weeks what would have taken six months or more (or never) on our own”

Contact us – we look forward to work with you and find solutions.