What we do

From the cradle to the grave – there are personal and health care products and service solutions for every situation in life.

Sense – Respond – Implement


Consumers have more choices than ever, but less time. The rapid on-line communication and media provide consumers with a wealth of information. On the other hand companies are challenged to develop new products and services faster. Often though, there is a gap between innovations and technical features and what consumers expect. This in turn creates opportunities for new product solutions. We are bringing technical expertise and an “outside-in” perspective to support clients to develop new products and solutions by integrating consumer insights into the development process.

This is what we call Consumer Power

We are a consumer driven, customer and quality focused consultancy catering to industries in the consumer products, health care, nonwovens, fibers and specialty textile fields.

Our expertise includes strong technical knowledge, consumer and competitive research, new product and business/strategy development, classifications and web assessments.


Our way is to help you turn your ideas into reality by providing tailor-made services and solutions that meet your needs and business objectives. We leverage a global network of highly regarded specialists and professionals in health care, personal care, nonwovens and materials, strategy, academia, technology and finance. Therefore we have established project-based relationships with several companies, consulting firms and external experts.


Our products and services range from project management, customer and multi-client reports combined with workshops, consumer and potential customer interactions, publications, webinars, and presentations and moderation at trade conferences.

We are working with multinational Fortune 500 and SME’s, local companies and organizations, trade associations, NGOs and conference organizers.

We have worked with projects in

  • Consumer insights
  • Personal care and hygiene products, i.e. fem. care, incontinence, baby products and wipes
  • Health care, surgical and wound care products
  • Nonwovens, fibers and film
  • Nano materials and filtration
  • Health tech and medical devices
  • New product development
  • Business development, strategy and market analysis