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Here you can find a summary of some articles written by Helena Engqvist. Please click the links to download the articles in pdf format.

Consumer & Healthcare Trends in the European Wipes Market, 2013

10 Questions for Helena Engqvist (Sustainable Nonwovens 4, 2012)

About incontinence: New ways to help affected people (EN) (AVR #3, 2014)

Inkontinenz: Neue Ansätze, Betroffenen zu helfen (DE) (AVR #3, 2014)

The Point of View (AVR 1, 2013)

Changing demands (AVR 6, 2013)

Recipes for success (AVR 6, 2013)

The fight for better healthcare (AVR 5, 2013)

Surgical Report – flyer

Networking and a lot of innovations (AVR 3, 2013)

News in wound care (AVR 2, 1013)

US nonwoven market shows growth and stable business conditions (AVR 2, 2013)

Technical center for the spunlace pilot line in Montbonnot (AVR 2, 2013)

Outlook – a great success (AVR 6, 2012)

Nano – How Small and for What? (AVR 5, 2012)

EURASIA – at the cross-roads between Europe, Asia and MENA (AVR 4, 2012)

Trends in packaging of hygiene products (AVR 4, 2012)

Nordic Markets – innovation and international expansion (AVR 2, 2012)

Insights on single-use surgical drapes and gowns

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