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At the World Health Assembly of the WHO a number of interesting topics were raised in 2014, among others a resolution on Antimicrobial Drug Resistance. The use of antibiotics in humans and animals is a growing concern for governments and health care providers. There needs to be more awareness both among health providers and the public that it is important to take more care in using antibiotics, and good hand hygiene and other measures to prevent infections should be emphasized.

Therefore the WHO urges the Member States to “strengthen drug management systems, support research to extend the lifespan of existing drugs, and to encourage the development of new diagnostics and treatment options.”

As was highlighted at the recent webinar on Healthcare Associated Infections hosted by the Nonwovens Industry, awareness and use of multiple single-use products will be very advantageous in this context. Feel free to contact us for more details:

You can read more the WHO press-release with more about the World Health Assembly here:

INDEX, the most important show for the nonwoven industry and related products

INDEX 2017, one of the most important events in the nonwovens industry, is already a few years away. The contacts and discussions with customers and suppliers, evaluating new ideas, products and much more were very fruitful. As always the Palexpo team and EDANA made the show a great success!

The optimistic attitudes and expectations in most companies seem so different in comparison to some years back, so the industry is certainly going forward with new enthusiasm, investments and new products.

The Exhibitor Product Presentations offered a wide variety of topics.

INDEX 2020 will take place at Palexpo in Geneva on March 31-April 3, 2020. Take the chance to come to Geneva to learn about the future of nonwoven and all related products and materials.

Welcome to the website for Engqvist Consulting

Welcome to the website for Engqvist Consulting!

Here you will find news and comments from various conferences, seminars and webinars as well as links to sources of valuable information about personal care products, medical devices, nonwoven, fibers and much more. And, not the least, the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to send a note, a request or interest in getting information about different product areas.  


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